Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Self Righteous Left

It does not need to be documented here to accept the fact that the western world and in particular the United States has benefited from the Christian work ethic exemplified by the Puritans.  Our nation continues to benefit from that work ethic even though most work among us is not motivated by desiring to bring glory to God but is instead for selfish gain.  That is what the devil does.  He convinces the weak minded and weak willed to turn a godly ethic into a selfish one.  He has done the same with social ethics.  While the Christian ethic toward our fellow man sets the standard of doing unto others as we would have them do to us and to do so neighbor to neighbor, the devil has removed any motivation to practice such an ethic for the glory of God, replacing it with self-righteousness.  Self-righteousness makes weak people “gods” who believe they can arbitrate who should give to what fellow man and how much while hanging past transgressions over them so that their guilt to give is never removed.  That must be what Hell is like. The unbeliever and his social ethics is self-righteousness and we should call it such.

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