Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Problem of Envy

In our study of Genesis the sin of envy has stuck out.  The devil tempts Eve to envy that God has knowledge that she does not.  This got me wondering what comes first, pride or envy.  Perhaps pride comes first because we would have to believe we deserve something that we don't have and therefore we envy others who do have.  But is envy different than coveting?  Why not just point to the 10th commandment and stop thinking about it?  The root of coveting is lusting.  You want something that is not yours and you desire it more than God.  It also includes being dissatisfied with what you already have.  The etymology of envy includes hate and ill-will.  Envy then is the sin of hatred that not only wants what someone else has be wants said persons who have to suffer loss, to suffer pain.  When you get there, when you get to envy it is the devil who has your ear.