Saturday, December 26, 2015

For the minister, those who want to be minister and for those who are curious

That rascal Rev. Doug Wilson has put up on his blog 21 maxims for discouraged pastors and you can find that link here

I would like to interact with a few of them with the recognition that much of a pastor's discouragement comes because he does not heed good wisdom and thus is a cause to his own discouragement.

The first ten I am in agreement with with no reservations that matter.  Number 11 is what drives me personally.  I "feel" personally responsible and yet I also have experienced my limitations.  I can tell a family to not go a certain route such as take a new job without a sound church in the area or I can tell a family not to send their children to a particular school, but in the end it is their choice and I am to love them even when the fallout occurs.

Number 12 is so very important to establish and practice.  I have been convicted too often of trying to be a pastor to a flock of people that don't want me to pastor them.  Loyalty to those who do want you to pastor them is very important.

Number 13 I am not in full agreement with and I will not post a particular verse that is a counter argument.  I will council instead that because perception is reality to those who have been confused or emotionally hurt, it is wise to confess an unawareness of how your actions as a minister have unintentionally hurt someone.  No harm in doing so as we all are "looking through the glass dimly."

Number 14 is quite necessary to be fruitful for the sake of the Kingdom of God and is related to number 15.  No one warned me about betrayal for if they had I might have been better at keeping bitterness away as number 16 warns.  Of course I was actually warned for if it could happen to Jesus it can happen to any minister who follows him.  But be warned because the betrayal hurts.

Numbers 17 thru 21 are great and I would underline number 21 because keeping your eyes on the prize gets you through much of what is difficult about the call.

Thanks Doug!