Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Israel-Day 8

Thankfully we had a much more relaxing day but not without some unique experiences. We checked out of Christ's Church in the morning and started off for Galilee. Our first stop was the Jordan river at the traditional sight of the baptism of Jesus.  It was quite crowded as there was a Coptic group rededicating themselves in the water.  We watched them for a time and then the Coptics were interrupted by an American middle age group that rushed to the water shedding their clothes to dip themselves.  I must say that I never expected to see half naked middle age women at such a holy sight. Some literally threw their tops off to quickly change. Can't make this stuff up.  We next drove around the Lake (Sea) of Galilee.  It is Thirteen miles long and 6 miles wide. It was calm today and quite beautiful as the sun struck it at different angles.

We had good drink and good conversation as we agreed that what the Jewish people do so well to maintain their identity is to be proactive at redeeming time and celebrations together. Christians need this type of identity in the home first and then in the faith community. Much more to be said!   We love the new hotel where we will stay two nights. Please pray we get home safe. Peace, Pastor Eric

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  1. We had an early departure this morning for Galilee. We stopped first at the Mount of Olives for a magnificent view of Jerusalem. The peddlers are quite pushy here as they force their wares in your face and we were warned they will pick pocket as they do this. Eric has no problem saying no to them, so some of us have learned to walk right behind him to get around them. We stopped at the Jordan river where we met many pilgrims. Eric and I both took advantage of our time and went down to put our hand in the water. The river was narrow as it was very low and very muddy. We then traveled to Jericho. We were stopped at a check point for the bus to be searched and two soldiers came aboard the bus and looked around, and then we were on our way. There aren't any remains of the iron age(when Joshua fit the battle) here but a beautiful place full of palm trees and springs. The oldest and lowest place on earth! Our guide pointed out the sycamore tree they believe Zacheaus climbed as well as Elijah's spring. We had a interesting lunch at the "Temptation Restaurant" and then headed for a longer ride around the Sea of Galilee, through Capernaum(which we will visit tomorrow) to our hotel in Ginnosar Village. The Sea of Galilee is beautiful and was calm tonight as we went to the dock at sunset. We are well rested this night and very comfortable and are looking forward to our day tomorrow.