Friday, January 8, 2016

And yet another problem...

with the "Jesus and me only" doctrine is how it seriously limits a believers ability to understand the covenant of salvation God has made for His people.  When Abram looked to the stars at God's instruction he was not only to understand the number of "seeds" that would come from him but also to see the immensity of the covenant God had made with him.  When Abram believed God's promises and it was accounted to him as righteousness the specifics of those promises would not be realized by Abram.  And it didn't matter.  The faith Abram had was not about him.  That cannot be said by those who think that their personal testimony to ask Jesus in their heart is the crux of their life.  That is why they bounce from church to church.  It is why service to the Lord is conditional and convenient.  It is why they can treat other Christians in a non-loving manner.  But it is never "Jesus and me only."  Believers are part of an immense covenant that God has made for our salvation.  Just look to the stars!

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