Thursday, October 23, 2014

Slow Church Chp. 6

This chapter opens with a comparison of a small town restaurant to McDonald’s.  These guys really hate McDonald’s.  I am guessing the connection to McDonald’s and praise of good work is that McDonald’s workers… I don’t get the connection.  “Good work should be understood as cooperation with God.” Our work ideal should include more than what we do for pay.  Work is not a part of the curse but a part of the image of God given to each human being.  Nowhere in the Bible do we find work to be something we are to avoid or begrudge.  God gives each one of us gifts so that we can work and work well.  The writers begrudge the division of labor they see in society because it separates us and certain works dehumanize because they stifle individual creativity.  The two main fails of assembly work is that it treats people as expendable and separates the head from the hand.  Next is the connection I first didn’t get.   He calls it the McDonalization of work because of the stream line, assembly line way the company puts forth its product.  They want to reclaim work for Christians as God’s shalom.

1.     Change our thinking about what is good work.  It is not based on what is earned.  It should be based on what a person is gifted to do.
2.     Work should be seen as worship thus it calls us to do all things to the glory of God which includes doing them to the best of our ability.
3.     Stand up for justice in the work place. 
4.     Find ways to incorporate gifts within a local church to meet the needs of the church as well as the community around the church.

While l appreciate and assent with some points here I “feel” that something is either missing or missed directed.  Maybe it is the repeated attack on McDonald’s.  Have they never tasted their fries? 

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