Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slow Church: Chp. 5


Slow breathing.  This is going to be bumpy.  There is a great picture on the internet of post WWII America that shows a mass of people riding a train and everyone is looking at a newspaper.  The caption reads something like “before iphones”.  The authors try to make the point that isolationism is a dangerous thing and technology is a primary cause.  Well, as the picture mentioned above shows, isolationism has been around a while.  We are provided a guilt trip regarding our consumption verses our population and yet there is no cause and effect provided.  Why is it that other countries don’t consume as we do?  It most certainly isn’t because they are more utilitarian than an average American.  There is not evidence to that.  So what is it?  Could it be that the corrupt politics, false religions and a poor work ethic have held other countries back?  That seems a fair question.

They use the “butterfly effect” idea to interconnect how seemingly insignificant behavior can have a very great effect and such appeals to open minds that don’t want to look at facts.  It sounds good if it were true but it is not, as least not in terms of the mega effect the authors want.

Unfortunately the authors went into global warming and thus I am done with this chapter.  I have liked them so far, but they have bought into the arrogance of the liberal western mind which believes man can control all things, even the weather and that man is to be constantly feeling guilty and repeatedly atoning for his own sins.

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